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Enterprise Risk Management Governance Inc.

Helping organizations in mapping risks






With offices in 3 countries, we are among one of the leading consulting firm in the field of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). We help organisations and individuals create the value by delivering solutions in the area of Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management and Quality Mangement. 

At ERM Governance Inc., we are committed to serving as a force for integrity, good sense and wise solutions to the problems faced by our clients. Transparency and good standards of enterprise / corporate governance are central to our ability to achieve those objectives. We aim to continue to expand our offerings to maintain our leadership position in our profession.


We help boards of profit as well as not-for-profit in fully understanding the risks faced by the organisation. This includes running worksops, seminars and presentations using the easy to understand and relevant scenarios showing the board how the knock-on impacts can spread across risk categories making it harder to manage organisations within the established risk appetite.





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Today’s healthcare organizations have to reduce their risks & costs, improve the quality of care and meet stringent guidelines to remain competitive and stay in business. Healthcare organizations are turning to these Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs to improve patient care, counteract rising costs, enhance employee satisfaction and retention, and boost financial performance.

Our customized ERM program provides the knowledge, practical skills and tools needed to remedy the urgent problems while enhancing client service and support significantly, enhancing the skill set of the organization, while driving results via the project work. Our ERM program will deliver:


  • Holistic risk management 
  • Improved patient care and satisfaction
  • Improved physician satisfaction and retention
  • Cost reduction and reduced waste
  • Stronger, more resilient organization


We tackle the issues of non-value-added tasks and errors by providing your associates with the knowledge and understanding to address both. It provides practical training courses and mentoring support for all levels of the organization. 

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