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Associate in Risk Management (ARM)


ERM Governance Inc. is offering the ARM courses to increase your knowledge of risk management and to prepare you for attaining The Institutes’ ARM designation. The Institutes, USA, is the premier provider of property & casualty insurance knowledge solutions in the world.  The Institutes are committed to meeting the evolving professional development needs of the risk management and insurance community. They prepare people to fulfill their professional and ethical responsibilities by offering customer-focused and innovative educational, research, networking, and career resource solutions.


What’s in it for your organization?


  • Establish risk management processes to reduce waste and minimize losses.
  • Train professionals to lead risk management expertise in your organization.
  • The ARM™ (Certified Associate in Risk Management) are able to lead teams to establish and maintain risk management programs within an organization to support the Hazard, Operational,Strategic and Financial risk management.



What will you learn?


  • Learn the concepts outlined in the ARM™ Body of knowledge (BOK).

  • Learn how to apply the information that will help improve risk management processes for better outcomes.

  • Develop skill to motivate and lead teams to ensure satisfactory customer/supplier relations, strategic planning and organizational risk management.

  • Learn to assess financial, hazard, operational and strategic risk situations, evaluate and pre-empt risks, and successfully mitigate risks.

  • Application of risk management processes in planning & executing projects.

  • Application and use of various metrics, tools and techniques to measure risk




What will you gain as an individual by signing up for our online and in-person training  modules?


  • Outstanding support for first time pass of the exam.
  • Exam prep support and guidance
  • Completion certificate on successful completion of course
  • You will also learn the tools of the trade to successfully implement quality procedures for organizational benefits.

Our course on ARM™ prepration is a well-rounded course that will help participants prepare for the ARM™ credential. Throughout your ARM™ certification journey you will receive, comprehensible courseware, expert guidance and practical, hands-on exercises that will help you for a first time pass of the exam and also face on-the-job challenges with confidence.


Key Features:  Certificate of completion | PDF Modules | Coaching support


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ARM 54 — Risk Management Principles and Practices

Risk Management Standards and Guidelines; Hazard, Operational, Financial, and Strategic Risk; Risk Identification, Analysis, and Treatment; Financial Statement Risk Analysis; Capital Investment

ARM 55 — Risk Assessment and Treatment

Risk Assessment and Treatment; Root Cause Analysis; Business Continuity Management; Intellectual Property, Reputation, Legal, and Regulatory Risk; Management Liability; Environmental, Crime, Cyber, and Fleet Risk

ARM 56 — Risk Financing

Introduction to Risk Financing; Estimating Hazard Risk; Transferring Hazard Risk Through Insurance; Self-Insurance Plans

Retrospective Rating Plans; Reinsurance

Captive Insurance; Contractual Risk Transfer; Transferring Financial Risk;

Transferring Hazard Risk to the Capital Markets; Allocating Costs of Managing Hazard Risk