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Fishbone / Ishikawa Tool

My goal in creating Fishbone / Ishikawa tool is to improve the workflow of all process improvement specialists and experts. We want to help them save the time they use in documenting and reorganizing the contributing factors from paper to Visio or other tools. We often hear wasted time that occurs when fighting various viso settings and diagram creation challenges. These results in loss of valuable time that can be devoted for quality improvement in healthcare.


The fishbone creator tool gives users the opportunity to create a fishbone using pre-defined templates, as well as, provides opportunity to customize their own using an online webpage or app. The webpage and app can be projected in a boardroom setting allowing team to collaborate during a brainstorm setting.


Key Features of the Fishbone Creator Tool


Simple and Easy to Use:

No more Visio fight of arrows and boxes. Just click and Add the causes you and your team feel are contributor to the occurrence / incident.


Save and Share Instantly:

The tool is designed with features that makes it easy to share and save the completed analysis and diagram in quick and easy fashion.


The tool will remain free for all quality and healthcare professionals to use as long as we are able to keep our website running! We do encourage and take any donations that one could provide to keep this free service running.


Following is the BETA Test tool for creating a fishbone / Ishikawa diagram.


If you like the work I am doing and would like to support me, please consdier helping out by donating any small amount to keep this tool FREE for all healthcare organizations.