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Root Cause Analysis


Our Root Cause Analysis (RCA) services are designed to transform your Root Cause Analysis program and enable your internal team to become leaders in RCA. We have root cause analysis experts who can assist in facilitating investigations as well as guiding you through Root Cause Analysis program development, reviewing and analyzing the quality, delivery and efficiency of your program to ensure it is meeting your organizational goals and needs.


We are the trusted independent Root Cause Consultancy for Critical Incident Rview and Adverse Healthcare Incidents. We help Governments, Private Organizations and Not-For Profit  companies involved in various aspects of healthcarer in managing risks.


Risk Mapping


Our risk mapping services are designed to transform your Strategic, Financial and Operational risk planning. We have risk mapping experts who can assist in data analysis utilizing your risk management claims, incident reports and/or financial auditing to facilitate identification of high level organizational risks.  Our holistic risk mapping process allows you to uncover top organizational risks from all of your existing business processes. We make risk mapping easy, user friendly and less resource intensive for your internal teams. Our reports are well liked by the Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors as it supports them in critical decision making processes. Corona Virus - Pandemic Planning. COVID-19

Technology IT Consulting


With evolving regulatory environment and increased pressures, organizations face several challenges with their compliance with regulations. When organizations are focused on managing new and persistent risks to their business, while balancing revenue growth and expenses saving business priorities, IT risks are often forgotten about. IT failures are critical and can often lead to reputational damage, customer and market loss, and an increase in legal exposure. Enhancing IT controls is crucial to avoid these risks and ensure that business processes are managed and controlled appropriately, and functioning reliably. We work with you and your staff to analyze business technology issues within your business processes and assist with generating solutions that meets your needs.  

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Risk Management Certification

More and more, risk management plays an integral role in every major corporate decision and action, from finance and administration to the manufacturing, marketing and media sectors. Our Risk Management  Training and Certificate will give you the knowledge and skills you need to identify, assess and limit risks. Whatever sector you work in - insurance, finance, accounting or audit - completing this program will bring you one step closer to your Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation from the Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI), RIMS-CRMP and The Institutes Assosicate in Risk Management (ARM) designation.


Learn more about our ARM Certification Training, Certified Risk and Information Systems Control, RIMS-CRMP and Canadian Risk Management desgination training products.






































Certified Data Management Professionals (CDMP)

More and more, organizations are realizing the need to manage their data. The CDMP certification is an excellent way for you and your organization to improve your Data Management Maturity. We work with you and your team to go through DMBOK and each and every aspects of DAMA Knowledge Areas to deliver insights that will support you beyond your certifcation journey. 


Learn more about our DAMA cDMP Certification. We provide one-on-one Coaching for certification exam. In addition, we work closley with small and big organiztions helping with their first DAMA maturity assessment or CMMI Data Management Maturity Model.  





































Certifcation Preparation