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Enterprise Risk Management Software Solution

Our enterprise-level system is designed to administer all aspects of the ERM processes and is based on leading risk management framework. Our system is updated to support the latest amendments reflected in the ISO 31000 (2018) and COSO (2017). Our system fully supports creations of risk profiles using data from multiple site locations and is able to integrate strategic, hazard, operational and financial risks.   


Key Features

  1. Customization: Our unique ERM software solution allows unlimited customization to match your internal ERM processes, risk appetite and risk tolerance. You will be able to customize and use your own risk matrix, heat map and risk assessment tools. The system does come several of in-built tools and features for you to use the system out-of-the-box. Adopting our solution will help you in conducting risk assessments, scenario planning, root cause analysis and generate annual reports with great ease.
  2. De-identification Option: In order to support long-term quality improvement, historical data analysis and root cause analysis; a de-identification capability is included –allowing the viewing of events by non-emergency staff while maintaining employee confidentiality. To support complete de-identification of incidents, all personal information that refers to management and staff can be flagged for removal during the de-identification process.
  3. Security & Privacy Protection: our system was developed from the ground up to support legislated security requirements.  
  4. Detailed Audit Trail: Various levels of auditing have been incorporated into the system to provide necessary tools to protect the collected information. When enabled, all user activity is logged, including when they logged on.
  5. Connection to 3rd-party Database: We provide interfaces to connect with various databases, communication tools and other systems to allow seamless exchange of information.
  6. Reporting: Our system comes with several standard reports, this will allow users to set custom criteria prior to running.
  7. Real-time Status: Ous system allows key management and previlleged users access to an “Dashboard” that provides an overview of ERM key risk indicators and reports on real-time basis.  

For information on customization using our ERM solution, please contact us at



Incident/Accident Reporting Software Solution

We also offer an enterprise-wide incident/accident reporting system.  Our incident reporting system works in conjuction with our ERM software solution or can be purchased as a stand alone system. The incident repoting system comes with industry specific custom modules and will have the flexibility to tailor it to your organizational context. 


Our systems are used to capture safety incidents occurring in the context of Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Nuclear and Energy Distribution, Mining and Manufacturing industry. Like our ERM software solution, our incident reporting system comes with fully automated communication tool kit that will ensure management and organizational leadership to be aware of high severity/fatality incidents. It also supports root cause analysis and incident analysis to prevent a recurrence. 


Key Features



1. Web-based Reporting

Our incident reporting product was designed from the ground up to provide a cost effective tool that quickly identifies potential issues before they become major problems. When an incident does take place, our system provides an accurate record of events to help minimize costs and prevent future occurrences. The browser-based interface minimizes the need for user training. Context sensitive help and field-level hints are provided to guide the users through the reporting process.


2. Worker's Compensation Benefit Claims

Fill out Worker’s Compensation claims online. Automatically submit information to state and provincial authorities. Any number of claims and follow-up forms can be tracked; helping to ensure that claims are filed in an efficient manner. Print WCB forms or export data for electronic submission.


3. Workflow Process

Our incident reporting system allows safety professionals total control of the incident reporting process including what is collected, when it is collected, the workflow and extent of notification based on type of incident, severity and confidentiality.


For information on customization using our incident reporting solution, please contact us at



The Benefits of Templates

We offer various templates that can be customized by the risk management, quality improvement and safety professionals. Our templates are relevant to real-world business processes and are customized for various industries. They save valuable time and energy of your in hourse team and give them head start in their journey. Along with individual templates, we also provide various kits. These kits have been invaluable for our clients and were designed for rapid implementation of risk assessment and quliaty improvement processes. These templates have been refined over several years and are fully customizable.  If you don't see a particular template listed here, kindly let us know and we will get back to you with more information on its availability. 


Templates and Kits

ERM: Implementation Kit

This is the only kit you will need to succcesffuly implement ERM in your organization as you start your ERM journey . All contents of this kit comes in electronic format. Once the order is placed, you will receive a download link. This kit contails various key tools, templates and presentations. Some of these are listed below:

  • ERM Project Charter Template

  • ERM A3 Template

  • ERM Stakeholder Analysis Template

  • ERM Introduction Presentation

  • ERM Framework Template

  • ERM Framework Implemenation Plan

  • Strategic Risk Management Template

  • Operational Risk Management Template

  • Key Risk Indicator Samples

  • Risk Appetite Sample and Template

  • Risk Tolerance Sample and Quick Start Guide

  • Risk Control Tempalte

  • Risk Communication Template

  • Risk Matrix Tempalte

  • and there are many more templates included in the package to make your ERM journey a breeze.

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ERM Starter Kit: CAD$ 199

ERM: Guides



Generic Strategic Risk Management Guide: A key resource that will guide you in managing strategic risks.



Generic Operatioinal Risk Management Guide: A key resource that will guide you in managing operational risks



Generic ERM Guide: Incentives to Controls: A key resource to help you understand risk management controls



Generic RIMS Risk Maturity Guide: A key resource to help you understand and apply RIMS Risk Maturity Tool.

Generic SRM Guide: CAD$ 150

Generic ORM Guide: CAD$ 135

Generic ERM Guide: CAD$ 100

Generic RIMS RM Guide: CAD $ 100


“Risk Management In Current Scenario” is a new book written by Sonjai Kumar. It provides great insights for risk management professionals from across the globe who wishes to embark on risk management activities in India. The book is divided into eight sections and covers wide range of risk management topics. It is aimed at Risk Managers who are just starting their career in risk management as well as for seasoned board members and professionals who wish to tackle complex subjects like risk culture and strategic risk management.  It provides powerful and practical guide to risk mitigation. For those who work within financial risk management circles, the book is going to be a useful in learning various concepts from regulatory point of view.  All chapters are written in easy to understand language and is targeted with specific concepts of ERM and Risk Management that can be useful in creating a sound foundational risk management knowledge. Chapter three covers important corporate governance guidelines and concepts related to IRDA, Reserve Bank of India, SEBI and challenges faced by organizations in Indian market.  Many of the later chapters in the book are geared towards insurance industry and risk management concepts that are essential for insurance industry professionals and brokers. One of the chapter introduces readers to the risk control self-assessment (RCSA) concept. These are essential for any ERM program and can serve as a good starting point towards an integrated and decentralized program. The last chapter of the book also introduces black swan concept and finished the book on a high note by warning readers about real consequences and potential blind spots in the world of risk management. Overall the book strikes a good balance in linking theory to practices and brings many of the theoretical risk management ideas to life. We recommend this book for anyone starting their ERM program and wishing to take a quick look at risk management from Indian context.


Book Reviews

Risk Jigsaw Puzzle Kit


We have created various unique products to assist you and your staff in gaining ERM (enterprise risk management) knowledge. Risk Jigsaw Puzzle is one of our most frequently requested product. You can purchase this from us or create your own! We wish you the best in your ERM education and learning. For bulk purchase, please email us your order inquiry at


Each Risk Puzzle Kit will contain:

- Risk Puzzle Pieces (Four Puzzles in each kit)

- Instruction on how to facilitate and use the Risk Puzzle

- Risk Assessment Template

- Two Scenarios

Download the Risk Jigsa Puzzle Instructions by clicking here


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This book is about the history and the theory of risk in the last 450 years and its modern metamorphosis into risk management.It starts with the foundation of risk management which lies in mathematics. The book covers how the maths developed over centuries and its application was used in managing risks. The book stands as an extensive account of how the concept of risk and uncertainty, as we know it, came to be. It gives examples of many famous mathematicians' ability to apply theory to practical solutions for problems solving. Peter L. Bernstein postulates that mastery of concept of risk is the divide between the past and modern times. The book tells the story of a group of thinkers who struggled to understand risk, measure it and weigh its consequences.  The  book is chronicle of a concept that has transformed how society thinks about the future.


"With his wonderful knowledge of the history and current manifestations of risk, Peter Bernstein brings us Against the Gods. Nothing like it will come out of the financial world this year or ever. I speak carefully: no one should miss it."
John Kenneth Galbraith
Professor of Economics Emeritus, Harvard University


Buy this book on Amazon:

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