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Enterprise Risk Management Governance Inc.

Helping organizations in mapping risks







We offer unique selection of ERM training programs that include public sessions, customized corporate training and ERM program review. We blend and tailor our framework review process based on your organizational goal and mission. Such benchmarking involves S&P, ISO 31000, COSO or other leading risk management framework relevant to your processes.




For each risks that our team will identify for you, we will help you develop one or more strategies or courses of action. Through these strategies your organisation will be able to navigate uncertainties and opportunities.  We will coach your team on adopting and executing suitable risk management strategies..

What Makes Our Training Programs Unique

ERM Governance Inc. uses the real-life case studies and latest regulatory and compliance framework in its risk management presentation and training programs. Our programs represent educational distinction, in addition to technical excellence.


  • Conveys information and skills to our learners through lecture, participative lecture, discussion, and self-directed learning (e.g., discovery and role play)


  • Understands  that all learners learn by seeing, hearing, responding, solving, feeling, and experiencing


  • Delivers training through the use of the Deming Cycle (PDSA Model)


  • The staff at ERM Governance Inc. is committed to helping you put your management system to work to achieve the results you require.


What type of Consultation and Advice are offered? 

We offer wide range of consulting services. Following are some of the examples of services that our customers have found very useful.


  • Design, Review and Benchmarking of Enterprise Risk Management Framework or Program.


  • Strategic, Financial and Operational risk planning.


  • Hazard identification, analysis and mitigation.


  • Timely responses to risk management, business continuity, emergency prepardness, and other advisory requests. 


  • Answers developed by our subject matter experts on insurance coverage, claims and risk management issues.


  • Data Analysis and Reports – Risk Management Claims and Incident Analysis Reports   for auditing, analyzing and managing losses including peer comparisons to facilitate identification of potential areas for improvement.


  • Property Risk Management –  Clients receive risk reports listing cost-effective engineering solutions to protect their operations from fire, natural hazards and other types of property risks.


  • Project Risk Management - Clients can engage us for a specific project risk assessment as well as have us assess overall organizational project risk management strategy. 






Uday Kumar

Uday is a Senior ERM Consultant with over 15 years of experience in desgining, implementing and evaluating ERM programs across wide-range of organizations. He has worked on value added processes and improved the entire experience of leadership team on the use and application of ERM for organizational decision making.  He is passionate about risk management and quality improvement and is amoung one of the highly talented  constants at the ERM Governance Inc.  He is also a primary author of our Generic Strategic Risk Management guide. Uday is our lead facilitator and master instructor for our ARMTM workshops. 



Julia Lang

Julia is a  risk analyst  and  has worked in the banking and capital markets, asset management, insurance, real estate, and private equity sectors across all lines of our business.  Julia support Uday and his team by providing real-time analysis on key risk indicators and manages our reporting system  and ERM suite portfolios.




JKP  leads our teams in the healthcare, banking and insurance sectors. He continues as the National ERM Leader in which he and his team provides enterprise risk management, internal controls, accounting advisory and actuarial services to clients across all industries.  He has more than 20 years of experience both in the US and Canada. Throughout his career, JKP has had the opportunity to work with a variety of pharmaceiutial and healthcare services clients providing assurance and advisory services on risk management and internal control matters.  He also brings significant experiences working with large technology companies.   





We are the fastest growing risk management consulting company in the region. Our experienced team has worked on local, national and international projects managing, strategic, operational, financial and enterprise level risks.  Our service delivery programs are tailored to meet your needs.